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China Pakistan economic corridor starting from Kashgar China, and ending at the port of Gwadar, covering a total length of over 3000 kilometers, "Silk Road Economic Belt"  in its north and ¡°21st Century Maritime Silk Road¡± in its south, the Silk Road is a the north-south key hub. China Pakistan economic corridor is a trade corridor not only including roads, railways, oil and gas, and cable channels, but also the construction of major pilot projects and model projects "all the way along the road¡±. China Pakistan Economic Corridor Plan covers not only building the "channel", but more importantly, gives impetus to China and Pakistan to cooperate in many fields of infrastructure, energy resources, agriculture and irrigation, information and communications along the corridor.

Gwadar port is the most important part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project. From the air, economic corridor southern most part, Gwadar port extends into the Indian Ocean as an "anchor" of the main channel of international shipping and energy channels, within easy reach. As a landmark project of China Pakistan economic and trade cooperation and starting point for the southern tip of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Gwadar is the most promising energy center.

Gwadar is being ushered in unprecedented new opportunities. In 2013, Pakistan officially handed over its strategic Arabian Sea coastal deep-water port of Gwadar to China. Oil and gas pipelines coming from Gwadar not only provide a lot of energy to Pakistan, but also to China and India. Oil and gas pipelines from the Gulf countries and Iran will address China's western provinces such as Chongqing, Sichuan, Lanzhou¡¯s energy demand. China Pakistan Economic Corridor will save the transportation energy cost as well. After the completion of this project,60% of China's imports of oil and natural gas will no longer bypass the Malacca Strait. The transportation distance will be shortened from 16,000 km to 2500 km.

From a larger perspective, the hinterland of Central and South Asia as a docking Indian  ocean window, China Pakistan Gwadar economic corridor will have "land and sea one" pattern, and thus promote the formation of large regional interconnection pattern. Construction and development of China-Pakistan economic corridor will contribute to a high level of political relations between the two sides to the existing advantages into economic cooperation in various fields between the two countries to promote cross-border flows of capital, technology, information, personnel, and resources to accelerate the integration of the two sides to achieve win-win situation, the China Pakistan economic corridor will become a new milestone in the friendship between China and Pakistan.

2015 Chinese President Xi Jinping met with visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

      China Pakistan Economic Corridor Council was founded in 2016. The purpose of the Council is to provide legal, tax, finance, information, security and other services for China Pakistan Economic Corridor project, play the role of bridge and tie, brought together all forces and specific power implementation of China Pakistan economic corridor.

President Xi Jinping Meets with President of the Pakistan parliament and President Pakistan Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee and Chairman of China Pakistan economic corridor council, Mr. TalhaMehmood.
President Xi Jinping Meets with President of the Pakistan parliament and President Pakistan Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee and Chairman of China Pakistan economic corridor council, Mr. TalhaMehmood.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor Council¡¯s major lines of business are as follows:

China-Pakistan friendship and national rejuvenation and prosperity to contribute both the countries with a comprehensive plan to assist China Pakistan Economic Corridor project in various fields, docking and facilitate the functioning of government at all levels of the economic corridors including Corridor area villages and tribal areas through various projects and implementation.

Provide information to Pakistan Economic Corridor, legal, tax, finance and security measures, not limited only to roads, railways, oil and gas fields and cable channels. China Pakistan Economic Corridor project "channel" construction, while carrying out infrastructure along the corridor, fields of energy resources, petrochemical, water and power, information and communication, and the creation of more industrial parks and free trade zones.

Actively promote Sino-Pakistan friendship city dock and construction, promote the exchange and development of cultural tourism between China and Pakistan in various fields. Encourage and protect Chinese agencies to backward areas of Pakistan to participate in charitable activities. Actively promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, to play an active role in strengthening the relationship between China and Pakistan and sublimation of "political, business, academic" sector, under the principle of 'total business, and to build and share' the commons of Pakistan to promote economic corridor construction projects.

Mr. TalhaMehmood, Chairman of Pak China Economic Corridor Council interviewed by CCTV

Pakistani Parliament Speaker MrSardarAyazSadiq met China Pakistan Economic Corridor Council, the Executive Chairman Mr. Zhao Guobin

Executive Chairman Pak China Economic Corridor Council, Mr. Zhao Guobin and Mr.  TalhaMehmood Chairman of China Pakistan Economic Corridor Council, Minister of Investment Pakistan, together in Pakistan Investment related business negotiations meeting.

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