Member services

 (A) Hold various China Pakistan economic corridor related seminars, academic exchanges, business talks and exhibitions, strengthen communication and cooperation of enterprises, industries and regions.

 (B) By the Government of Pakistan partners, commissioned by enterprises looking for joint venture, agency, etc., contributed capital, the introduction of technology, economic development of the China Pakistan economic corridor area.

(C) Carry out China Pakistan Economic Corridor advisory services to domestic and foreign enterprises to provide trade, investment consulting, production and pre-project feasibility study.

 (D) Development of the information collection of China Pakistan Economic Corridor project area, the relevant government departments and enterprises to provide decision-making services, conducting market research, analysis of the market situation, the development of information resources, the establishment of information networks, providing information consulting services to member companies.

(E) Editing and publishing China Pakistan Economic Corridor project-related publications, books and other audio-visual and electronic publications.

 (F) Undertake the economic and trade business services and other services commissioned by domestic and foreign enterprises.

 (G) Undertake tasks entrusted to the relevant government departments.

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