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    Located in the northwest of subcontinent, Pakistan has a long history, has a thriving Buddhist culture and civilization of India, and its capital is Islamabad. Its north western mountains and plateaus account for nearly 60% of the area. Trich Mir peak is the highest peak with the height of 7690 meters. On its southeast side are the Indus plains. Pakistan is Indo-European and Altaic intersection of the two languages, has the Indo-Persian culture and also the cultural crossroads of India, or a branch of Islamic culture. It is also the cultural crossroads of Buddhism, Buddhism entered to the mainland China and Southeast Asia from Afghanistan’s Bamiyan city and Central Asia, and then moved into southern India and Sri Lanka. The so-called origin of Buddhism from India, is in fact, refers to the ancient India, which is today the territory of Pakistan. Taxila in eastern Pakistan means to Buddhism as much as the Taj Mahal means to Islam. Pakistan is rich in tourism resources, with a variety of natural beauty, as well as 900 kilometers of coastline, is a good beach resort. The main attractions are fairy tale like world of Hunza and the largest mosque of Pakistan that is Faisal Mosque. It has four minarets of up to 80 meters, and its prayer hall dome is 40 meters high.


    Best season: October - February of the following year is the best time to visit Pakistan. The temperature is higher in the coastal areas of Pakistan but the temperature gradient is small, while in northwest mountains and Baluchistan plateau area, climate and temperature variability is high, some high mountainous northern areas even have perennial snow. In the Baluchistan desert and mountainous areas, the climate is hot and dry. Traditionally climate in Pakistan is divided into four seasons: March - April for the spring, the two-month climate is not hot nor cold, relatively mild, but dry; May - August months for the summer, where the highest temperature in June, and sometimes up to 45 °; July and August have rainy weather, it is often also known as that the July and August is the rainy season; September - October for the fall; November - next February for winter, winter diurnal temperature variation is relatively large, daytime temperatures can up to 25°, sometimes dropped to freezing point at night. Wherein the July to August period (time vary from year to year) due to the local observance of Ramadan, many shops and other places only open half of the day, so it is recommended to avoid visiting Pakistan during Ramadan.

    Tourist Visa Guide:

    1. China private passport holders apply for 30 days visa exempt from visa fees, application can be made directly or can be delegated to the travel agencies.

    2. Required Information: completed visa application form, copy of ID, photo taken within two months, Pakistani invitation letter

    Letter, issued by the travel agent or the relevant Department, about the travel arrangement confirmation, visa applicants property certificates, visa applicant employer’s leave granting certificate, issued by the private owners of the company on letter head, proof of round-trip air or land travel arrangements proof.


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